Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Most Amazing Day Ever!!

Josie had her very first dance recital last night. It was soooo exciting!! I couldn't wait to dress her in her cute little outfit, curl her her and apply a little blush and lipgloss! She looked so beautiful. She spent the first half of the performance looking for her Daddy, but then she finds him and gives him a big wave. It is sooo cute. She did a great job and we are so very proud of her!! Here it is! Enjoy!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

We had such a fun Halloween season this year. Not only was it Olivia's first Halloween, but it was the first year that Josie really knew what was going on and was really, really excited. Here are the pics of our good times!!!
Josie was teaching Olivia how to hold her Trick-or-Treat bag!!

We went pumpkin patching with the Skibys again this year!! It was FREEZING, so we were in and out, but it is such a great tradition!!

The Skibys had the annual kids Halloween party again this year. They had so much fun!! Josie was a fairy princess and Olivia was a butterfly!!

Cori and I took the kids to Barnyard Boo again this year at Thanksgiving Point. Jos got to dress up like Cinderella and the kids went on a hayride and played and played. We had a great time!
We went to the Christiansens annual Halloween Party! Jer was Teen Wolf and I was the girl he took to the dance. Jer won best male costume!! Good times!!!

We carved pumpkins a couple of days before Halloween. Josie wanted Jer to carve a witch. It took him 3 hours, but he finally got it done and it looked great!! What a good Daddy!!

The Big Day!!! Josie was soooo excited to go trick-or-treating. We went with all of our pals in our neighborhood and she had such a great time. She got a TON of candy, and needless to say, it took an hour and a half to get her to bed that night!!!

Happy Birthday Olivia!!

Olivia turned 3 months old a few days ago. Here is what she's up to!!
  • She loves to smile and giggle. It is absolutely adorable!! She also loves to talk!
  • She has found her hands and could spend hours staring at them. Her eyes go crossed when she does it. It is hilarious.
  • She can roll over from her tummy to her back. Not quite from back to tummy yet.
  • She can almost situp by herself. I think her belly helps her balance!! ha.ha.
  • She loves to suck on her hands. I think once she finds her thumb, we're in big trouble.

Happy Birthday precious girl!! We Love You!!

Her first pigtails!!

First time she had her toenails painted!!

Grabbing for her toys for the first time.

Holding her head up... She's a pro now!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Beautiful Girls

We got the girls' pictures taken a few weeks ago. Here are some of our favorites.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Okay, so it has been FOREVER since I have created a new post. Our computer was diseased for awhile and I can't seem to find a lot of time during the day to get on the internet. Here's the update on our little family. Josie has become the best big sister in the whole world. She loves Olivia and loves to help feed her, change her diaper and make her smile. She got her first pet, courtesy of the Morton family, a beta fish named Mary (she names everything Mary after her babysitter that she adores). She also started a new dance class that she loves. She gets to perform in two recitals, one at Christmas and one in May. WE CAN'T WAIT!! Pictures will definitely follow!! Olivia can now smile on command and is probably the best baby in the whole world. She only wakes 1-2 times a night and only cries when she's hungry. Jer and I still look at each other every day in disbelief that we are the parents of these two beautiful girls. Chris and Alex got married on August 30th and it was absolutely beautiful. We are so happy for them. Josie was the flower girl, and although we were nervous about her performance, she did a great job. She was so precious in her flower girl dress. Here are a ton of new pictures of the girls and everything else that has been going on for the last 2 months!

Olivia's First 2 Months

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Welcome to the World


Born July 29, 2008



8lbs 2oz.

Waiting for our new addition

Here she comes!!!!!

This picture makes us laugh, it looks like she's laughing and having a great time!!

Our Family!!!!

Me and My Girls

Sisters... too precious

Precious Baby!